Written By coWORKer Linda Jay

Andre Soileau is the owner of a fast-growing IT company, PRIME65, that offers advanced technology solutions in the areas of networks and communications – primarily to non-profits and K-12 educators.  Networking and wireless updates were recently implemented by PRIME65 at both the Uptown and Downtown offices of WORK. “Also, WORK will soon join our VoIP service,” Andre observes.

PRIME65 was founded five years ago. There are currently seven staff members, two of whom work in Oregon.  “What do I like best about my job?  That would have to be…my staff!” Andre prides himself on the fact that he trusts his employees implicitly. There’s no need to micro-manage or get involved in obsessive delegating; weekly check-ins suffice.  PRIME65 will be developing more in the marketing area.  Most sales currently come through referrals.

On the brink of a leap forward in terms of business, PRIME65 is looking toward expanding its client base from mostly Sonoma County to the entire USA.  “One of my goals is to do so well, there will be lots more time to travel,” says Andre.

Being an entrepreneur is nothing new to Andre.  In the seventh grade, he sold candy and soda out of his locker to fellow students, at lower prices than the school charged in the cafeteria.  Needless to say, this caught the eye of the School Superintendent!

Andre grew up in Sonoma County, and has lived in Petaluma for five years with his wife Mollie, who is a nutrition coach, and their energetic 18-month-old daughter Avelyn, who easily draws people to her. The location of Petaluma, in-between the towns where Andre’s family and his wife’s family live, makes frequent visits to relatives feasible and likely.

“I started following WORK when it first opened, and eventually joined as a member whose mail is delivered at WORK.  I like the focal point of attracting entrepreneurs, techie types, artists and writers, and creative folk in general as coWORKers.  Natasha’s close attention to interesting design, and to the happiness of those at WORK, comes through clearly; I respect her tremendously.  WORK represents the modern heart of Petaluma,” Andre says with conviction.

* * *