Position/Title: Creative Director, Graphic Designer
Company: Designer for Humans
Website: www.andrewrado.com/
Contact: andy@andrewrado.com

Since 2001, Andy has created design that delivers for businesses large and small, corporate and local, for-profit and non-profit. He is a designer with a full-range spectrum of experience, a knack for good ideas and an expert focus on clarity of message. His diverse portfolio of Visual Identities, Websites/Interactive and Print has given him an insider’s view of the design needs of a range of industries and groups of different sizes. On the side he collects beautiful typography, design books and is a bit obsessed with taking photos of clouds.

Why are you at WORK?:  Things tend to get stagnant if I spend too much time working from home. WORK provides a great change of pace and new perspective that allows me to be more creative. I also enjoy the positive environment and getting to meet other interesting people and professionals.