Position/Title: Trathen Heckman / Executive Director
Company: Daily Acts Organization
Website: www.dailyacts.org
Contact: 789-9664, moreinfo@dailyacts.org

Daily Acts’ mission is to transform communities through inspired action and education that builds leadership and local self-reliance. To affect systemic change, we begin with the most accessible whole system, at home, in our gardens, with our daily actions. Daily Acts’ programs create empowering solutions that regenerate nature and unleash community genius while spreading the skills, models and policies to radically reduce resource use and catalyze local self-reliance.

By growing skilled, engaged citizens and networks; by creating replicable models, toolkits and case studies; and by working collaboratively with community organizations, schools, businesses and public agencies we are taking these homegrown solutions to scale. Through tours, workshops and community events, we teach people how to grow and process food; to create habitat for wildlife and to increase biodiversity in their gardens; to conserve water and reuse their greywater; and to tend chickens, bees, and community. This supports emerging leaders and models, while empowering citizens to transform their lives, homes and neighborhoods.

Why are you at WORK?: Because Natasha and Matt are amazing and they have created a vibrant community space for great things to happen. We are excited about the inspired and creative people who are drawn to Work and the wonderful connections we make whenever we are there.

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