Position/Title: Owner/Producer
Company: Omnable Creative
Website: www.omnablecreative.com
Contact: luc@omnablecreative.com

Omnable Creative specializes in media for small businesses and individuals, including commercials, explainer videos, product demonstrations and photography, and much more.  Being small allows us to be flexible for any media we need to produce.  We utilize a full suite of film making gear to help you look professional, and to enable small businesses to compete with large corporations in the vast media world.

I usually go by Luc, but Dale is also fine.  I’ve mastered the film making process, the Adobe Creative Suite, and HTML5 / Javascript(jQuery) / PHP / MySQL / Flash(ActionScript). My passion and desire to make feature-length films is matched only by my dream of being a human cannon ball in a travelling gypsy circus run by belligerent yet affable and devout mimes, if only to be able to brag of such exploits in dimly-lit pubs and street corners of questionable integrity.

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