Position/Title: Consultant, Co-Owner
Company: Deloitte Consulting, Lala's Creamery, Andino Goods Inc. 
Website: lalascreamery.com, weareandino.com
Contact: garatignacio@gmail.com

Lifelong learner, entrepreneur, avid motorcycle adventurer, co-owner of Lala’s Creamery and Technology Consultant at Deloitte Consulting LLP. In his previous life, Ignacio worked in Strategy and Operations for McKinsey and Company in the Americas, and supported the founding of a public Charter school as part of Teach For America. Ignacio holds an MBA from Yale University, an MA from Loyola, and a B.A. in Film Directing from the University of Southern California.

Why are you at WORK?: To learn! I joined WORK for the B-Corp workshop, and I’m excited to go to more learning opportunities. It’ll also be wonderful to occasionally work from a desk in lieu of the busy (and tiny) Lala’s Creamery kitchen 🙂