Position/Title: Director of WORK Ops - Emeritus
Company: WORK Petaluma
Website: www.workpetaluma.com
Contact: jackie@workpetaluma.com, jackelsd@gmail.com

Certified by the National Organization of People Who Do A Lot of Different Things, Jackie has had several roles in a variety of industries including but not limited to Real Estate, Advertising, Health & Wellness, Theatre and most recently Coworking. It was in a time of great transition that she fell into the latter and found a home away from home at WORK Petaluma where she is Director of Operations and Deputy Sheriff to Natasha’s Commissioner. In addition to her work at WORK, where she delights in the innovative minds and free spirited nature of it’s members, Jackie continues to study Psychology & Wellness as well as engage in various other projects that tickle her fancy. She can also be found dancing and singing about town while having deep conversations with her dog and self righteously discussing the state of society with her husband and friends.