Position/Title: Resident QuickBooks Nerd
Company: Precision QuickBooks
Website: www.PrecisionQuickBooks.com
Contact: Jess@PrecisionQuickbBooks.com
After 20+ years of using QuickBooks on the bookkeeping and controller side of things, Jessica has decided to remove the green visor. Now you can find her setting up, converting, repairing, all-around everything-ing QuickBooks software for her clients. She is also a QB training and bespoke user manual writing maven.
Why are you at WORK?: Can I have two reasons? I can? Yippee!
1. Coffee socials feel like being back in college and hanging out in the local cafe talking politics, latest books, climate, with the occasional double entendre thrown in to make sure everyone is paying attention.
2. Working with a bunch of wordy types who cringe at my playful gerund-ing.
3. Natasha & Chris, of course. (Didn’t you say I could have three reasons?!?!)