Position/Title: News Writer, Assistant TV Director, On-Air Radio News Hostess, Blogger and PR/Social Media Writer. National Park Service Park Ranger. Cruise Ship Port Agent.
Company: Founder of woodstockearlybird.com 2011-2013
Contact: juliacarlisle2013@gmail.com

I have been bi-coastal between Woodstock, Vermont and Juneau, Alaska for about 10 years, working rainy winters in the control room of GavelAlaska during the legislative session. The program is pretty much the C-Span of Alaska. Yes, I covered Gov. Sarah Palin. I am a political junkie which goes back to having worked in Washington, D.C. during the Reagan administration for CBS News and AP Broadcast and during the Iraq War for ABC Radio News in NYC. Then, I answered an ad for a Vermont ski reporter and that’s another story…It’s all fodder. Fodder for the book. But, book aside, I like getting paid to write. My last project was creating the blog/writing thumbnail descriptions of area towns for a Vermont/New Hampshire real estate company. snyderdonegan.com/blog

Published: The New York Times, The Rutland Herald, The Vermont Standard and The Hill Rag.

Why are you at WORK?: I moved here to Petaluma to settle down closer to my brothers and their kids.  I am looking for work. I approach looking for work as an actual professional project. Having an office space away from the dogs (Juneau, the golden retriever and Mungo, the gordon setter) for even a few hours is well worth it in terms of getting organized, answering emails and researching opportunities. Finally, even writer introverts need a certain amount of social interaction. That’s also why I am here: Parallel play. That newsroom buzz. Without the coffee. Or, with the coffee. But, less screaming. Quiet-ish. That’s cool.