Position/Title: Mentor Coach for Leaders who coach their teams
Company: WAKE UP! Enterprises
Website: www.wakeupenterprises.com
Contact: catalyst@lauriecameron.com or 303-740-0352(cell)

Google has identified the #1 behavior for good leadership: “a good manager is a good coach.” I teach leaders and managers how to integrate powerful coaching skills into their everyday conversations at work so their teams can get more done in less time, and with more cooperation and less drama. Coaching is a unique set of communication skills, that when done right, can easily improve employee engagement and quickly increase productivity. Positive and healthy relationships at work contribute directly to a healthy bottom line.

I’ve been a professional coach, speaker, and trainer since 1998. I’m also a senior faculty member at one of the oldest coach training schools in the country, where I’ve trained over 800 professional coaches from all over the world. I believe EVERYONE can benefit from learning and mastering coaching skills, whether they’re a professional coach or not.

Why are you at WORK?: Working from home as a solo-entrepreneur can be isolating, and I love the idea of connecting with others in this unique form of blended professional and social community.