Position/Title: Owner
Company: The Bossy Nutritionist
Website: www.thebossynutritionist.com
Contact: thebossynutritionist@gmail.com | 415-250-5517 | Office in West Petaluma

About Layla Flower AKA The Bossy Nutritionist

Layla is a graduate of Bauman College of Nutrition in Berkeley California; she has been helping people create their best health through nutrition since 1998. She is owner of The Bossy Nutritionist; Weight Loss and Health for Life in Sonoma County where she works with individuals and the community to educate and implement her scientifically proven weight loss diet, maintenance plan and her health programs. Her love of nutrition comes from healing her own health; at 17 she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and almost lost her life. She was able through the help of a nutritionist and her diligence put the disease in remission. Layla knows firsthand the amazing results a healthy diet can have.

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