Position/Title: Copyeditor, Promotional/Marketing Copywriter/Proofreader
Company: Linda Jay Editorial Services
Website: www.wordsbylj.com
Contact: LindaJay@aol.com 415-320-0083

I have solid expertise in two areas: copyediting and copywriting.  I edit about 25 book manuscripts a year, for authors in the U.S. and other countries; very comfortable working with authors whose second language is English.  Genres: business, novels, memoirs, spirituality, women’s issues, academic topics, fantasy (two books on zombies last year).  Work with self-published authors and traditional publishers.  Besides books, I copyedit website text, magazines, marketing material of all kinds.

As a marketing copywriter, I’ve written profiles and feature stories for national magazines about TV technology, artists, bankers, education, engineers, humor.  Interviewing and research are two of my other skills.  Expert at writing blog posts.  Can rewrite boring website text so it comes alive.  Brochures, newsletters, ads, company success stories, backgrounders.  Back jacket copy for books is a specialty.

If you need help with your copy (websites, newsletters, blogs, books, or any other words you’re putting out in the world), send me an email. I offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your projects. I’ve enjoyed working with Natasha editing the WORK newsletter and blog for several years now, and would love to work with you, too.

Why are you at WORK?: When I moved to Petaluma in January 2014, I read about the concept behind WORK. It sounded like just the right place for a freelancer to hang out, learn, meet other professionals from varied fields and exchange ideas.  And it is!

SPECIAL OFFER for WORK Members: Two sample pages of editing for your project: book, blog, newsletter, website copy, brochure, bio, or other written content.