Position/Title: Web Engineer
Website: www.mikevanwinkle.com
Contact: mike@mikevanwinkle.com

Mike Van Winkle is a web engineer living in Petaluma. Once a writer and policy analyst, he’s now deeply in the throws of a love affair with linux, PHP, Nodejs and other open source technologies. He has extensive experience in the WordPress hosting industry and has spoken at WordCamps in Denver and Chicago. Currently Mike is working as a freelance consultant specializing in high traffic, high availability DevOps. He holds a Masters in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He has been published online and in print in various publications including the Chicago Tribune. Interests include: movies (only good ones) , John Le Carre novels, all kinds of music, beer.

Why are you at WORK?: WORK is like working at a startup only your co-workers are all working on their own projects. Compare working around other entrepreneurs, with a diversity of insight and experience to share, with sitting at home working alone … well there’s really no comparison.