Position/Title: Writer and Communications Consultant
Contact: nancysands13@gmail.com

I’ve always been a bookworm, grammar addict and word-nerd. In elementary school, I used those qualities to get good grades and annoy my classmates. Now, I combine them with my keen business sense to help companies develop and execute super smart communications plans.

Why are you at WORK?: I live in a rural outpost of West Marin, which is conducive to bird-watching but not necessarily to cultivating relationships with business leaders. In 2011, with my kids in school in Petaluma and time on my hands, I re-started my communications career as a features writer for NorthBay biz. After a year of working at the library or in my health club or from my car in Whole Foods parking lot, I found myself hungry for human interaction. That’s when I drove my mobile office (my Prius) to 10 Fourth Street and became an official coWORKer. Now I’m writing more productively, learning from other professionals and nurturing the most important need of all — meaningful connection with other human beings.

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