Position/Title: Co-Founder/Consultant
Company: LIFEmaps for College and Career
Website: www.LIFEmapsforCollegeandCareer.com
Contact: nichole@LIFEmapsforCollegeandCareer.com or (707) 200-4943

Nichole Clark has a life long passion for assisting others in enhancing their skills and achieving life goals. Her experience as a college and career counselor is complemented by her achievement of an MA in Education Leadership and Counseling and an accredited Certificate in Career and College Counseling. Following her undergraduate work in Education, Nichole spent three years teaching overseas, as a member of the US Peace Corps and as an independent contractor. Her time abroad and her commitment to community and the environment have led her to specialize in ‘off the map’ learning adventures and educational pathways leading to careers in medicine and the environment. Nichole was awarded the 2011/2012 Educator of the Year from Positive Images of Santa Rosa and the 2012 Service to Youth Award from the Sunrise Rotary Club of Sebastopol. In her time off, Nichole can be found bicycling among the rolling hills of Sonoma County, skiing the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and continuing her journey around the world.

Why are you at WORK?:  Natasha and her staff have created a great community to work in and bring clients to.  It is friendly, comfortable and helps my business to succeed.  I appreciate working within my own community with other inspiring business owners.