Position/Title: Account Manager
Company: Monster Tamer's
Website: monster-tamer.com
Contact:  peterp@monster-tamer.com

Monster Tamer has provided web services since the birth of the web in 1994. We specialize in three primary service offerings: search engine optimization, web hosting and web development. We’re intensely focused on helping our clients knock their web objectives out of the galaxy.  Our clients want optimum visibility, a fresh and dynamic web presence, excellent functionality, security, and to send the competition into a black hole somewhere in deep space.

Today your customers use the web as their first-line tool to search for local businesses and 60% of those searches, on average, go on to make a purchase. Research confirms that consumers have listed search engines as primary sources of information when considering a product or service–a higher percentage than personal recommendations, TV, or print media.

Why are you at WORK?: I needed a private space to do sales prospecting phone calls…peter-puccio-logo