Position/Title: Health Coach, NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Advanced “Brain Trainer,” HeartMath® Provider
Company: Optimal Heart and Mind
Website: OptimalHeartandMind.com; NeuroFeedbackRentals.com
Contact: Rachel@OptimalHeartandMind.com

After working as an Occupational Therapist in Post Acute Rehab for a number of years, and watching patients and families suffer unnecessarily, I decided to pursue my passion for prevention. I became a health coach to help others get motivated and learn how to apply relevant health information for better life, health, and business outcomes. I incorporate HeartMath® biofeedback to help with managing stress and emotions, and NeurOptimal® biofeedback to help the brain overcome challenges such as trauma, injury, chemotherapy, etc, and to perform optimally.

Why are you at WORK?: I enjoy the community spirit, and getting to know other local creatives and entrepreneurs. I look forward to helping WORKers to optimize their hearts and minds for greater health, happiness, and business success. After all, research shows health and happiness are contagious!