Position/Title: C.E.O.​
Company: Resonate Digital​
Website: resonatesocial.com/what-we-do/suite-of-services/
Contact: nolan@resonatesocial.com or 707-591-3014​

Resonate Digital is a results-driven, integrated marketing agency. From the development of comprehensive digital marketing strategies to social media engagement​, we integrate all of what we deliver to clients into a broader marketing strategy that includes website optimization,​ SEO, PPC, email, brand monitoring​ and​ influencer engagement.

Whether your business goal is to acquire users, leads, sell a product or gain new customers, a strategic partner is key. There are dozens of different elements of a digital marketing mix such as; email marketing campaigns, content marketing strategies, building social communities, influencer engagement, etc. What makes digital marketing a complex undertaking is that each of the methods requires specific expertise often belonging to different companies. How do you know which method works for your marketing objectives? Who is talking to whom? Is it all connected and integrated, working seamlessly well together to drive your organizational goals.

Resonate Digital’s team is experienced at getting results using integrated digital marketing campaigns. Our secret is that we develop a short list of the most effective traffic generating methods for you by testing, testing and more testing. Once we are down to several key traffic channels we then continuously create and test new campaigns to drive more traffic and conversions for you.

This expertise has gained us clients from Rain-X​, HP​ and Oilstop to a number of bay area start-ups​. Before you think you can’t afford us, think again. We love working with businesses of all sizes and we will develop a program that can work for you–and for your budget.​

Why are you at WORK?: We love WORK because of the collaborative environment, the stellar client service and the convenience of having an office without the overhead of leasing our own space.  Our team works almost entirely remotely, so the availability of conference space when we need a team meeting or have a client in from out of town is invaluable.​

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