Position/Title: Owner & Principal of Literary Development
Company: YellowSkyMedia
Website: yellowskymedia.com
Contact: samantha@yellowskymedia.com

Samantha Rose is an Emmy-award winning writer and producer for major market news television, as well as a New York Times bestselling author specializing in literary support and book collaboration with celebrities, experts, entrepreneurs and established professionals. Her contemporary non-fiction projects fall under the categories of health & wellness, self-help, diet, lifestyle, how-to and parenting, including titles that have been translated into more than 20 foreign languages. Samantha splits her personal and professional time between the San Francisco North Bay and Austin, Texas and is YSM’s principal of literary development, as well as the head of client relations and project management.

Why are you at WORK?: Being a writer is a solitary existence. I joined work to get out of my home office and back into the land of the living. WORK provides me with a social outlet, along with an inspired space to focus and create.