Position/Title: Global Ocean Refuge System Director & Senior Scientist
Company: Marine Conservation Institute
Website: marine-conservation.org/, globaloceanrefuge.org/
Contact: Sarah.Hameed@marine-conservation.org

Sarah Hameed joined Marine Conservation Institute in 2016 to help launch the Global Ocean Refuge System. She uses her expertise in marine ecology (PhD, UC Davis, 2016), conservation management (certificate, UC Davis, 2016) and public policy (BA, Brown University, 2001) to develop and manage the Global Ocean Refuge System. She has focused on marine protected areas in her own research and in her conservation management work for the better part of a decade. Her dissertation research, motivated by information gaps exposed in California’s process to design a network of marine protected areas, provided new insights into marine population connectivity along an open coast. Sarah also serves on the Board of Directors for Cordell Marine Sanctuary Foundation, and she is a Switzer Environmental Fellow. Having grown up exploring the tide pools and coral reefs of Maui, Sarah can now be found surfing the colder waves of Northern California and building sand castles with her family in her free time.

Why are you at WORK?: I work from home often … and it’s good to get out of the house sometimes.