Position/Title: Job Captain
Company: HKS, Inc.
Website: www.hksinc.com/, seantaber.myportfolio.com/
Contact: staber@hksinc.com

I’m Sean, a born and raised Angeleno now residing in Sonoma, but making the daily commute to San Francisco (SoMa) for work.  I’m a father of 1, husband to 1, and pet owner of two.  When I’m not designing high-rises you can find me either playing with my son, tending to my garden, or sampling a new bottle of wine.  I’ve also been known to man the 1s and 2s at the occasional party or grab the mic at the karaoke club.

Why are you at WORK?: I telecommute 2 days a week and I find that I work best when surround by people.  I also like the idea of working in a space with people from numerous fields outside my own!