Position/Title: Realtor
Company: Sotheby's International Realty
Website: residebayarea.com
Contact: sonya.hollander@sothebyshomes.com

Dina and I are closing in on 5 years of working together as a team and a combined 30 years of real estate industry experience. We joined forces as a team so that we could always be available to our clients, one of us is always here for you. Real estate marketing has always been top priority so that our listings stand out. Working with buyers in this competitive market is something we have taken very seriously-it’s tough out there but we have succeeded in getting our clients fair deals, even during competition for properties. We would love to meet you at WORK to talk about any real estate questions you have!

Why are you at WORK?: We love WORK! We wanted a place to brainstorm and a place to meet clients. We are on the road a lot and in our home offices and we wanted a place to socialize with other professionals outside of our industry.