Position/Title: College Advisor
Company: Perlstein College Advising
Website: perlsteincollegeadvising.com
Contact: 415-298-3018

Based in Marin County, California, Perlstein College Advising was founded on the belief that each student and family is unique, and therefore their college journey should be customized to their individual needs.  From the very first meeting, I am committed to helping each student navigate their own college process by identifying their specific college criteria in order to find a school where they will thrive and discover their personal and academic potential.

This is such an exciting time in each student’s life.  My goal is to approach the college process in a positive, organized, efficient and low-stress environment.  My services include all aspects of the college process, from the initial transcript and extracurricular activity review through the entire application process, including guided essay assistance.

Why are you at WORK?: To meet clients