We take pride in ensuring that our workspace and community is great for all our customers. In order to ensure that this professional environment and great community is maintained, we do have a Terms of Use and Member Agreement that must be accepted before utilizing any WORK services.

Refund Policy
We do recognize that WORK may not be perfect for all people.   We therefore offer our services for purchase with no up-front commitment and a straightforward refund policy.  You can cancel at any time and we will refund any unused portion of the service provided that 24 hours notice is given.  Some exceptions do apply and the details of the refund policy can be found in the Member Agreement.

Privacy Policy
In order to ensure that the security of customer data is maintained, when we transfer and receive certain types of sensitive information such as financial information, we redirect visitors to a secure server hosted by z2ystems. Whenever this secure server is in use, you will see the WORK logo and find links back to the WORK web site.
We recognize that while one of our greatest resources is our community of members, not everyone wants the fact that they are using WORK to be published.  Equally there could be occasions in which WORK has to satisfy government or other legal requests.

We therefore have the following Privacy Policy terms in the Terms of Use

WORK shall not sell information about your participation in the Services to any other third parties.  Additionally, WORK shall not publish your name in a public member directory without your explicit permission to do so.  Permission to publish your name shall be asked during the registration process for the Services and your preference shall be preserved by WORK.   If you wish to change your preference you may notify WORK at any time of your preference change and WORK shall modify your preference and add or remove your inclusion in the member directory within 48 hours.  Member directory information shall only be presented on web pages utilizing SSL (https) security.

WORK reserves the right to:
Selectively post or remove information or materials from the member directory or other web site presence it maintains;
Disclose information about your use of the Services to satisfy applicable legal, regulation, or governmental requests.

For any matters relating to our Terms of Use or Member Agreement, please contact us at any time, or visit us during standard business hours at:

245 Kentucky Street, Suites A, B, C, D
Petaluma, CA 94952