“I want to thank Natasha and Matt for bringing such a community building resource to our town.

The way we work is changing.  Modern technology allows many of us to work independently, but working from home can be distracting and isolating (I fell into this category), working from the coffee shop is no long-term solution (my husband Matt tried this, but it got old quickly), and getting your own office is a big commitment (I tried this, too, but it was expensive and lonely).  Our mission is to improve your WORK day by creating a space that is inviting, productive, flexible, and close to home (let’s put an end to the wasteful commute).

Opened in 2012, we’ve spent the last seven years cultivating an eclectic community of local professionals resulting in the thriving hub you see today.  We have all of the office accoutrements you might be missing, including high-speed internet, a professional copy machine, and large whiteboards.  We have five conference rooms in various configurations available on an hourly or daily basis for that team meeting or client presentation you need to host.  We even have business classes and workshops to expand your expertise.  But most of all, we have great people who will make you smile, broaden your knowledge base, and make you want to go to WORK.

Please sign up for our newsletter, stop in for a tour, or book a FREE TRIAL.  We’d love to have you join us at WORK!

Happy coWORKing,

Natasha and Matt