WORK Uptown (245 Kentucky St) has 17 private offices and 3 meeting rooms

You’ll be happy to know:

  1. YES – YOUR AIR IS YOUR OWN – Our Uptown Private Offices have individual, ductless heating and cooling units so that you can adjust your own temperature AND not worry about your neighbor’s air coming through the vents.
  2. YES – YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANY TIME – All of our memberships are month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time, so no need to know what the future may hold during this uncertain time.
  3. YES – YOU CAN FIND YOUR FOCUS – Working from home has many challenges. We’re here to give you a great work life so you can enjoy a great home life.

Contact us for a VIRTUAL TOUR and to RESERVE YOUR OFFICE NOW: or text Natasha at 707-658-1150

AVAILABLE 11/1/2020:

  • Suite A3 – $980 – 1 desk + neighborhood view and operable window (add extra desk & chair for $40/month per station)

(Just need a part-time office? Check out our coWORKing membership private office options here.)

Everything you need from a private office, without the hassle.

If you love the idea of coWORKing but need your own office, then WORK Uptown is for you. Enjoy the great community, the ease of a furnished space, the flexibility of month-to-month rental, and your own four walls to call home base. We’ve tricked them all out with motorized sit/stand desks, super ergonomic chairs, high-speed internet (both Wi-Fi and CAT 5), large whiteboards, and file cabinets. The space also has all of your basic office accoutrements – free professional printer/copier/scanner, office supplies, an equipped kitchenette, plus three fabulous meeting rooms and a welcoming lobby.

Private Office Memberships:

Offices range in size from one to four persons. Please contact us to ask about availability and arrange a tour.

With prices varying by room size, this membership includes:

  • keycard for 24×7 use plus a separate key to your own private office
  • electric sit/stand desk and super ergonomic Steelcase Leap chair
  • file cabinet
  • whiteboard
  • high-speed internet with both Wi-Fi and CAT 5
  • individual heating and air conditioning controls with a ductless system, so your air is your own
  • all utilities (PG&E, Internet, water/sewer, garbage, cleaning)
  • free professional grade printer/copier/scanner (up to 11×17, color, double-sided) and office supplies
  • two equipped kitchenettes, a lounge, a lunch table, and a patio
  • off-street parking (as available)
  • member discounts on lessons, meeting rooms, etc.
  • listing in our Directory
  • invitations to members-only events like happy hour, holiday parties, mixers, etc.
  • friendly and inspiring fellow coWORKers!
  • PLUS! 8 hrs/month of free conference room time and 8 hrs/month of free standard coworking

This space is all inclusive and month-to-month, so no hidden costs or long-term commitment. Here is the full price list and see attached floor plan for reference:

A1 – $1,280 – 4 desks + neighborhood views
A2 – $680 – 1 desk + neighborhood views (add second desk & chair for $40/month)
A3 – $980 – 1 desk + neighborhood view (add extra desk & chair for $40/month)
A4 – $860 – 1 desk + corner office + neighborhood view (add second desk & chair for $40/month)
B1 – $960 – 1 desk + beautiful downtown views (add second desk & chair for $40/month)
B2 – $820 – 1 desk + beautiful downtown views – (add second desk & chair for $40/month)
B3 – $960 – 1 desk + corner office with beautiful downtown view (add second desk & chair for $40/month)
C2 – $820 – 1 desk + three big windows overlooking Penry Park (add second desk & chair for $40/month)
C3 – $820 – 1 desk + three big windows overlooking Penry Park (add second desk & chair for $40/month)
C4 – $960 – 1 desk + prime park view + private bathroom + private entrance
C5 – $760 – 2 desks + neighborhood view + sliding glass door – NOTE: this office has a reduced price because it does not have a lock on the hallway door (add a third desk & chair for $40/month)
D1 – $1,060 – 3 desks + neighborhood view
D2 – $680 – 1 desk + neighborhood view (add second desk & chair for $40/month)
D3 – $680 – 1 desk + neighborhood view (add second desk & chair for $40/month)
D4 – $860 – 1 desk + neighborhood view + private bath + private entrance
D5 – $600 – 1 desk + neighborhood view

D6 – $500 – 1 desk + internal office

Cloud Room – $500 – 1 desk + internal office with two walls of bookshelves (previously used as meeting room)

Ad Hoc Private Office:

If you need an office just for the day, check out our Cloud Room at Uptown. It’s available ad hoc, like our meeting rooms, but is set up more like a private office. Perfect for those days when you need exceptional focus or one-on-one meetings with clients.