Cutting your commute (1)


WORK is a Sonoma County Certified Green Business!

Anyone who knows Natasha can tell you that this is sincere.  But in case you were wondering, here is how we have made our coworking space as eco-friendly as possible:

  • POWER: WORK uses 100% renewable, locally produced electricity. By opting up to EverGreen, Sonoma Clean Power’s 100% geothermal energy, we nearly eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from our electricity use. We’ve also inspired dozens of WORK members to opt up, too. It takes about one minute (you need your PG&E account number, your name, and your zip code) and costs only 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. For the average home, this amounts to about $13 per month more than SCP’s default CleanStart service. Click here to join us in supporting renewable energy!
  • LIGHTS: We’ve upgraded all of our lights to LED! (But that doesn’t mean we should leave them on 24/7.  Please help us out and turn off unused lights.)
  • MECHANICAL: WORK Uptown has been upgraded to Fujitsu Mini-Splits, a ductless heating and cooling system that has earned the “Most Efficient” rating by ENERGY STAR® for being 2.35 times more efficient than the government minimum standard. It also has a brand-new ENERGY STAR® cool roof and 3M™ Sun Control Window Film on all of the west facing windows to reduce summer heat gain and glare.
  • FURNITURE: Almost all of the furniture is vintage, reused, repurposed, or built from salvaged material.  Natasha and her Uncle Lee constructed the big tables out of wood salvaged from the building that was once the Gayland Roller Rink on Petaluma Blvd (most recently Baby Warehouse).  Most of the office chairs were bought used from down-sizing businesses, the lounge and meeting room furniture is vintage, and even the whiteboards where saved from the landfill.
  • PAPER: All of the paper products from TP to copy paper are made from 100% recycled content. Trader Joe’s has great tissue products at a great price but since we have to buy in bulk, we choose Marcal Small Steps.  And Costco sells Boise Aspen 100 copy machine paper with 100% post-consumer fiber. See the Greenpeace Guide for ratings.
  • CLEANING: We use green cleaning products because “clean” should mean “safe and healthy” in our book. Our favorites include good old vinegar and water or Dr. Bronner’s and water in a squirt bottle, plus Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid. The Environmental Working Group has fantastic guides to cleaning products and more!
  • REDUCE/REUSE: We believe in reducing waste.  Everyone gets a beautiful ceramic travel mug when they first join. The kitchen has a water filter on the tap, is stocked with vintage dishware and bulk loose leaf tea, and even has a Soda Stream. Single-use packaging is such a waste! And now we’ve added reusable take out containers so you can grab lunch to-go from your favorite eatery without having to use the standard single-use disposable packaging.
  • RECYCLE/COMPOST: We recycle and compost at WORK.  Natasha can often be found hand sorting the trash to make sure as much stays out of landfill as possible.  She’s even found a neighbor who will reuse any Styrofoam packaging that might come our way.
  • LOCAL/ORGANIC: The refreshments at our weekly Coffee Social and the staples in the kitchen are all local and organic. Even the beloved mints at the front desk are organic!
  • EDUCATION: After coming back from Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Training in the fall of 2017, Natasha decided to turn the Lunchtime Lesson on the first Friday of each month into a free Climate Chat, bringing global warming solutions to the forefront.
  • CLOTHING: Even Natasha’s wardrobe is almost entirely second-hand thanks to her sister’s fantastic store, The Closet Shopper (Sorry it’s not local, but we have lots of great used clothing store right here in downtown Petaluma, too!)
  • COMMUTING: And most importantly: To commute is to pollute.  We all know that commuting can be aggravating, time consuming and gross polluting, but did you know that 60% of Sonoma County’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation! Check out my article on The True Cost of Commuting.  In fact, part of the original intention of opening WORK was to give Matt an alternative to his life of business travel, which was making all of our home efforts to build a sustainable life feel a bit like green-washing. Let us know how many miles you’re avoiding in the car and we’ll add it to our total savings count!