“Natasha, Matt and Jackie – I just wanted to send you all HUGE THANKS!!  for the great work and support you bring to our community. The spaces you have created and thoughtfully manage are beautiful, clean, professional and always educational. Hog Island Oyster Co. appreciates so much having a go-to place for offsite meetings and in the words of one of our directors, “They always take such good care of us here.” And as someone who occasionally works from home, I appreciate having the option of a laundry free space to plug in and get to WORK. Thank you for what you have created.

~ Brenna Schlagenhauf (Marketing & Communications, Hog Island Oyster Co.)

“Hey Natasha! It’s official, we are hooked on WORK! We had our most productive manager’s meeting to date! It’s amazing what the right space can do. Thanks so much!”

~ Rosie Wiggins (Owner, The Drawing Board)

“WORK provided the professional space necessary for our nascent team to focus and execute until we were able to justify and move in to a permanent space. I couldn’t have done this from home.”

~ Fred Vaske (CFO, OnSwitch Energy)

“Hi Natasha, The room really worked out well for the class. The staff member you had there was great, and it was fun to see the positive energy throughout the space. Thank you for creating such a great resource for small businesses in Petaluma.”

~ Rob Budny (President, RBB Engineering)

“Just wanted to let you know that AquaGrade is in the App Store as of today. I can’t believe it. WORK was the turning point in this becoming a reality and I can’t thank you and Matt enough for all of your help and support.”

~ Trevor Blanding (Founder AquaGrade)

“I am truly grateful for the space, putting in so many WORK hours has helped me move further along in my DJ career than I would’ve expected! Thank you a million times”

~ Jamila Afrika (DJ)

“This place has truly transformed my work life. I work as a Senior Scientist for Merck Boston and have worked 8 of my 13 years for them remotely. I have experimented with all sorts of spaces at home and coworking. My boss recently commented that “there is a special enthusiasm I have for work these days” and a big part of it is thanks to WORK Petaluma. Couldn’t recommend it enough.”

~ Amit Kulkarni (Senior Scientist)

“I got so much work done today at WORK, I feel like I should reward myself with a day off!”

~ Vanessa Bauch (Freelance Advertising Copywriter)

“I want to thank Natasha and Matt for bringing such a community building resource to our town.  Absolutely love the lunchtime lessons. Thank you so much!”

~ Ingrid Larnis (GardenTender)

“Be an autonomous person working with other autonomous people… Everyone’s doing their own thing, but you get the connections, the cross pollination—programmers, psychologists, writers, mapmakers….”

~ Doug Glew (writing his dissertation in psychology)

“Beyond a place to plug in is the community aspect; WORK is a place where major things are getting incubated. It’s not superficial branding.”

~ Elizabeth Howland (Co-owner Clementine Eco Events)

“I gave up my home office and converted it to a kids’ study room.”

~ Barry Stump (Software Engineer)

“Thanks so much for setting up the evening (DRINKS+THINKS). It is not often you get a chance to hear so many thoughtful, ethical comments. Really refreshing and nourishing!”

~ Beverly Alexander (Community Member)

“Dear Natasha and Matt, Thanks for all your hospitality. You are creating a wonderful place for community building and local business.”

~ Beth Meredith and Eric Storm (Create the Good Life)

“I’m telling you, when you wanna be in the flow of what’s happening in Petaluma, and beyond, just drop on in to WORK Petaluma…’s happening, and you know what IT is.”

~ Tim Page (F.E.E.D. Sonoma)