The world has changed and so has WORK. Here is how we’ve evolved:



Hello beloved community!

I hope that you have already seen our announcements about the upcoming closure of WORK Downtown on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2020. We’ve had an amazing eight years at our Downtown location, but the last six months have taken their toll. It is no longer feasible to keep our WORK Downtown space open. We will be closing our space at 10 4th Street when our lease runs out at the end of October.  We have so many fond memories of our time within these walls. Luckily, the experiences and friendships will carry on.

A few housekeeping items as we wrap up:

  1. STUFF – If you have dishes, books, lockers filled with gym clothes, or anything else you might want, please come down and grab them over the next few weeks. If you do not have a keycard, the doors are open 11-2 Monday-Friday until the end of October.
  2. EXISTING MEETING ROOM HOUR PACKS – If you have meeting hours you have not been able to use because of the pandemic, we are extending the expiration date out to the end of 2021 and transferring them to our Uptown Meeting Rooms. If you have questions or concerns about this, please contact me.
  3. EXISTING COWORKING HOUR PACKS – If you have coWORKing hours you have not been able to use because of the pandemic, we can translate them into Uptown Meeting Room hours or refund the remaining hours. Please contact me to work out an arrangement.
  4. EXISTING COWORKING MEMBERSHIPS – If you are a current monthly coWORKing member, we’ve probably already chatted in person. If not, please know that the last day of Downtown coWORKing will be FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th.
  5. MAIL – If you receive mail at 10 4th Street, please arrange to have it forwarded by the end of October.

A few notes about the future:

  1. COMMUNITY – Not to worry! We will keep the community alive with virtual events followed by live events once they are safe. Stay tuned to our newsletter for more information and let me know if you’d like to continue on as FRIENDS OF WORK member.
  2. WORKSPACE – And we are keeping our Uptown location, which is home to our monthly private offices and meeting rooms, should you need them in the future.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – you all have made WORK so much FUN over the years. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for being so supportive and loving.

With much gratitude,


FRONT DESK HOURS ARE LIMITED TO 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM MONDAY-FRIDAY (until the end of October) at our Downtown location (10 4th St, Petaluma). Any other time, you will need your keycard to get in.


In light of our upcoming closure, we are not taking any new shared coWORKing members.

If you are an existing members, remember to use Doodle to reserve your time slot. See details on how these new TIME SLOTS work.


Our Uptown location, at 245 Kentucky Street, is home to 17 turnkey month-to-month private offices. You can see details and check availability here. This location is alive and well and will be our new home base starting November 1, 2020.


It’s probably going to be a while before in-person meetings come back into fashion, so we’ve converted our three smaller rooms into reservable Private Offices for coWORKing Members. The larger Library Meeting Room is now available for small meetings (four people max recommended), as it has more space, operable windows, and an exhaust fan. Please note:

  • The Front Desk will only be open from 11 AM-2 PM Monday – Friday. Keycards are necessary beyond those hours.
  • We will be extending the expiration date of any packs of hours you have out until the end of 2021.
  • Any hours you have for other meeting rooms can now be used one-for-one for the Library.

Contact the Front Desk to discuss your needs: 707-721-6540


The health and safety of our entire community is our top priority. Please, be kind to each other and follow these SIX SIMPLE RULES:

  1. Each day you come in, the county is asking you to do a health self-assessment through their COVID-19 Check Mobile App. This applies to you because you are going to an office, even though you are not my employees. 
  2. Sanitize your hands when you walk in the door and throughout the day.
  3. Masks are required whenever you are moving about the office. If you are not at your desk, wear a mask.
  4. Sanitize your desk and chair arms before and after use.
  5. Maintain at least six-feet of distance from other people and don’t shake hands.
  6. Smile (even behind your mask) and enjoy your day at WORK. 🙂

Confused about anything? We know it’s a lot! Send us a note or give us a call. 707-721-6540

Hope to see you soon!

Natasha and Team WORK