Hello coWORKers!  This page is for you!  Here are some useful tips to help you get oriented and make the most of your time at WORK…


About Your Membership:

Membership Login: How do I access my account? >

You can update your credit card, change your address, see past payments, make new payments, etc by logging in here.  Don’t know your login name or password?  Click Forgot Password.

Discounts: What discounts do I receive with my WORK membership? >

Meeting Rooms:  All Members receive a discount off the standard hourly rate (about 25%).  Resident Members get 4 hours/month free.  Go here to view rates and room descriptions.

Lunchtime Lessons: These classes are free to Members.  Please use the WORK Meetup Group to RSVP.

WORKshops: Discounts vary depending on the class, but are always available for Members.

Peer-to-Peer Offers:  We have a whole page dedicated to special offers for WORK Members by WORK Members.  If you’d like to add your services, please contact us: Check it out!

Directory Listing: How do I join the Directory or update my profile? >

To help connect all of our fabulous coWORKers, we have created an online Directory.  We frequently get requests for referrals from the community at large and the Directory is the first place we send people. It REALLY helps if your listing clearly defines the services you offer! Our website also has pretty good SEO results these days so if you need a boost, this can help.  If you would like to join or update your info, please contact us:

Privacy Policy: What’s in the official Membership Agreement? >

We take pride in ensuring that our workspace and community is great for all our customers. In order to ensure that this professional environment and great community is maintained, we do have a Terms of Use and Member Agreement that must be accepted before utilizing any WORK services.

Refund Policy
We do recognize that WORK may not be perfect for all people.   We therefore offer our services for purchase with no up-front commitment and a straightforward refund policy.  You can cancel at any time and we will refund any unused portion of the service provided that 24 hours notice is given.  Some exceptions do apply and the details of the refund policy can be found in the Member Agreement.

Privacy Policy
In order to ensure that the security of customer data is maintained, when we transfer and receive certain types of sensitive information such as financial information, we redirect visitors to a secure server hosted by z2ystems. Whenever this secure server is in use, you will see the WORK logo and find links back to the WORK web site.
We recognize that while one of our greatest resources is our community of members, not everyone wants the fact that they are using WORK to be published.  Equally there could be occasions in which WORK has to satisfy government or other legal requests.

We therefore have the following Privacy Policy terms in the Terms of Use

WORK shall not sell information about your participation in the Services to any other third parties.  Additionally, WORK shall not publish your name in a public member directory without your explicit permission to do so.  Permission to publish your name shall be asked during the registration process for the Services and your preference shall be preserved by WORK.   If you wish to change your preference you may notify WORK at any time of your preference change and WORK shall modify your preference and add or remove your inclusion in the member directory within 48 hours.  Member directory information shall only be presented on web pages utilizing SSL (https) security.

WORK reserves the right to:
Selectively post or remove information or materials from the member directory or other web site presence it maintains;
Disclose information about your use of the Services to satisfy applicable legal, regulation, or governmental requests.

For any matters relating to our Terms of Use or Member Agreement, please contact us at any time, or visit us during standard business hours at:

10 Fourth Street
Petaluma, CA 94952

About Your Computer:


Internet: How do I connect and what is the speed? >

Wi-Fi: Our internet has been moved onto a slick new enterprise-grade network with all new Wi-Fi equipment served by two (!!) separate internet providers. Failure of one provider will automatically switch over to the other with no downtime for the users. Printing now works everywhere, and we have battery back-up so the internet stays online even when the power goes off!

Wi-Fi network names (passwords can be found on the wall in the hall): Fast – If your device can see this network, use it! 5 GHz, short range, low interference Slow – If your device can’t see the fast network, use this. 2.4 GHz, moderate range, moderate interference.

BIG THANKS to coWORKers Andre of PRIME65 for putting this system together and Barry for spending his Sunday helping us out! Need IT infrastructure for your business? Contact PRIME65 at

Ethernet:  There is one desk with an Ethernet connection located in the South-East corner of the main desk area. The Library also has a hard line connection, if needed.

Speed:  Of course, speeds will vary, but here is a link to a speed test:

Printer/Copier/Scanner: How do I use that machine? >

To Print:  There are two ways to print.

  1. Directly: You will need the printer driver set up on your computer. Please contact the front desk.  It will take about 15 minutes but once installed you can print wirelessly. If you are having trouble, seeing Printer Trouble Shooting below.
  2. Via the Web: Go to this website, Login with your four digit account password (most likely the last four digits of your phone number), click Direct Print, then Browse to upload your document (XPS, PDF(Ver1.6), TIFF, PS, PCL, JPEG, Text), the Print. Unfortunately, we have not found a way to print in gray scale from here so you will be charged for color.

To Copy:  Enter your four digit code and press Login on the touchscreen (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number and found in your Starter Kit Welcome Letter emailed to you when you joined).

To Scan:  Enter your four digit code and press Login on the touchscreen (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number and found in your Starter Kit Welcome Letter emailed to you when you joined).  Then press the physical Fax/Scan button.  Your email is listed by first name.  You can use Direct Input to send to another email address.  You can use Scan Settings > File Type to change the document type (PDF is standard).

To Fax:  Go down one block to The Mail Depot or use (Sorry, no fax service at WORK)

Billing: Prints and copies are billed out about every 4 months at 5 cents/page for b&w, 25 cents/page for color.  Scanning is free. You can save money by setting your printing default under quality to gray scale. You can save paper by setting your printing default under layout to 2-sided. (It is all 100% recycled paper, but still – waste not, want not.)

Printer Trouble: Help! It’s not working. >

If no print comes out:

  1. Check Wi-Fi connection: You must be on a network (not Acre Coffee ;-).  Once you switch over, anything you had printed before will automatically come out, no need to re-send.
  2. If that wasn’t the problem, go to the machine touch screen:
    • Click  Job Details (lower left corner) then Job History (at the top)
    • If your job says: Deleted due to error (this is usually a Mac problem) then go back to your computer and try the following:
    • Press Print to get the print dialog box (If it’s a tiny box click Show Details)
    • Find the drop down menu (usually under Layout) that has Output Method and click
    • Check the Account Track box
    • Retype your 4 digit Password (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number and found in your Starter Kit Welcome Letter emailed to you when you joined).  Department Name is left blank. Click OK
  3. If you’re on a Mac and you’re printing from a website, save your document as a PDF on your desktop and print from there.
  4. If you’re on a Mac and have recently updated your operating system, see the front desk for a new printer driver installation.
  5. If none of these things work, try yelling at the machine…or come find us for help. 😉
  6. As a temporary solution you can also Print Via the Web: Go to this website, Login with your four digit account password (most likely the last four digits of your phone number), click Direct Print, then Browse to upload your document (XPS, PDF(Ver1.6), TIFF, PS, PCL, JPEG, Text), then Print. Unfortunately, we have not found a way to print in gray scale from here so you will be charged for color.

If a PDF print comes out teeny tiny:

  1. Make sure you have a current version of Adobe Reader.
  2. Go to Properties > Advanced > Image Options > Disable PostScript pass-though.

About Your WORKplace:

People: How do I connect with other coWORKers? >

It is often said that the best part of WORK is it’s friendly, talented, and helpful community.  Here are a few ways you can participate:
  • LinkedIn- Join the WORK Petaluma Members LinkedIn Group.  It’s your chance to add coWORKers to your professional network and tap into local talent.  Go here and request to join the group.
  • Slack- This digital chat group is a great way to connect whether you’re in or out of the office. Email with the subject line “slack” if you want to be added.
  • Coffee Social- Every Tuesday at 10 AM we bring in Acre Coffee and Bovine Pastries, sit around the table and chat.  It’s a great way to get to know your fellow coWORKers and the conversation never ceases to amaze. Feel free to invite friends and colleagues to join us. You can get a sneak peek into past Coffee Socials through our blog.
  • Socials- Be on the look out for private emails announcing Members Only events.
  • Social Media– Facebook & Twitter

Parking: Where can I stash my car or bike? >

For Cars: You can access our back lot down the alley along the side of the Bank of Marin.  We have six spaces.  Please respect the Bank’s parking and don’t use their designated spots.  If those are full, there is free street parking just past 5th on B Street outside the 2 hour time limit zone.  Plus, the parking garage across from Petaluma Market (on Keller at Western) has 10 hour free parking on the upper levels. See the map on our website:

For Bikes: We have a bike rack inside the courtyard for your convenience.

Phone Use: What is the office policy? > 

WORK is an office, not a library, so some phone use is expected but unfortunately, long days of back-to-back calls aren’t the best fit.  If you are on the phone, please respect those around you by keeping a considerate tone and taking loud, extended, or confidential calls in one of our three designated Phone Rooms.

If you know you need a specific time slot, either write your name and time on the door or book it ahead of time on our website. 

And pretty please take phone calls in one of the three designated Phone Rooms before using a Meeting Room so that we can use the meeting rooms for, well, meetings. 🙂  Thanks!

Meeting Rooms: How do the reservations work? >

We have three Meeting Rooms that can be reserved by both members and the general public.  Members receive a discount off the standard hourly rate.  (Resident Members get 4 hours/month free.)

Go here to view rates and room descriptions.

Go here to book a room.

Go here to make a payment.  (Don’t forget to take the Member Discount!)

If you just want to pop into a room for an impromptu conversation with a coWORKer or colleague, please check the schedule on the door for upcoming meetings and know that we reserve the right to gently move you out if a paid meeting comes along. 🙂

Kitchen: What’s the story with the stuff in the kitchen? >

Dishware: We’ve stocked the kitchen with cool vintage dishware for your use.  Please help us keep it clean by doing your own dishes.  Natasha and Jackie will do almost anything to make your WORK day awesome, except your dishes! 😉

Refrigerator: Feel free to leave your own food in the fridge but put your name on it if you don’t want to share as we tend to be a communal bunch.  We try to clean the refrigerator out once a week on Friday afternoons, so leave a note on stuff you want to keep.

Coffee/Tea: We have a large collection of teas, plus coffee, sweeteners, half and half, a kettle, and coffee pot for your use.  Many coWORKers choose to make their provisions communal (tea, coffee, milk, etc.).  If you want to keep it for yourself, please put your name on it.

Cubbies: We have shelving for you to store your mug and other items.  Please put your name on your stuff with either a sharpie or the label maker in the copy room.

Books: What’s the deal with the books in the Library? >

We have a growing lending library for members through the generous donations of members themselves.

To borrow: Simply sign the book out on the clip board provided.

To donate: If you have interesting books collecting dust, please feel free to bring them in.  Put your name in them if you want to retain ownership.  We can’t absolutely guarantee they won’t get lost, so don’t donate anything precious or irreplaceable.

Room Temperature: What if it is too hot or too cold? >

We try to maintain a comfortable environment while being conscious of our energy consumption, but if you are feeling too hot or too cold, please let us know.

After Hours: If you use WORK after hours, the system may be turned down.  If you need to adjust the temperature, please ONLY use the up or down arrows on the thermostat located in the main hall.  This will adjust the temperature for the current time only (so it doesn’t end up running all night or all weekend, even after you’ve gone.)

Laughter: Why are people laughing so much? >

We try to maintain a “professional” environment but we love our WORK and we enjoy good conversation which can easily lead to random fits of hysteria.  Feel free to join the fun! 😉