Five Reasons to WORK local:

  1. Commuting sucks – wasting precious time and money, adding pollution to the air and wear and tear to your car, plus making your back ache and your stress level rise.
  2. Working from home gets old – isolating you from potential colleagues and friends, distracting you with dogs and kids, plus making it difficult to separate work time from home time.
  3. Having a great office is awesome – giving you all the amenities you wish you had like a fancy copy machine, private meeting rooms, and a convenient downtown location.
  4. Learning new skills is essential – by tapping into our convenient business classes that keep you up to date and propel your business forward.
  5. Meeting people improves your network – by surrounding yourself with fabulous people to bounce ideas off, grab coffee with, and share challenges and accomplishments, you build lasting relationships – both personal and professional.

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