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What’s on your list of life goals? Spend more time with family, save money, create a more satisfying career? For years my husband spent way too much time on the road commuting to offices all over the Bay Area. It’s hard to be home in time for dinner when you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, again! Then one day we stopped to add it up:

One day of commuting to San Francisco equals:

  • 2-3 hours of lost time (out of an already too busy day)
  • $44 of gas and auto maintenance ($0.555/mile – IRS reimbursement)
  • $5 bridge toll
  • $10 parking fee (if you find a cheap spot)

Multiply that by four days a week and in one month you’re talking 40 hours of lost time and about $1,000 in car costs! WOW!

Throw on top of that the enormous carbon footprint (did you know that 60% of Sonoma County’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation!): 80 miles in a car getting 30 miles/gallon = 2.7 gallons x 20 lbs CO2 per gallon = 54 pounds CO2 = eating two pounds of beef or leaving a 100 watt light bulb on for 257 hours!

Plus, most of us live in Petaluma because we love it. So why love it and leave it? We have a beautiful historic downtown with amazing shops, restaurants and services most of which are locally owned. So when you step out for a lunch break or your afternoon mocha, you know your hard earned dollars are helping your neighbor and your community thrive.

While many jobs will allow you to work remotely, the home office is not for everyone. Distractions abound- kids, pets, chores, refrigerator! And the isolation can be downright depressing. Facing this same issue last year, we decided to create an alternative solution. And thus, WORK was born. What we love about coworking is that you can have a flexible workspace on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis with all of the benefits of a downtown office without the high overhead, plus you get an eclectic group of inspiring coworkers without the office politics.

So get off the road and out of your house and enjoy a good day at WORK. Your family, pocketbook, and planet will thank you!

Natasha Juliana and Matt Moller opened WORK in July 2012 and have been happily walking downtown and enjoying their new commute every since. Curious? Stop by and check it out 9-5 Monday through Friday at 10 Fourth Street (at B next to the museum) or on line at