Amit Kulkarni

Position/Title: Sr. Bioinformatics ScientistCompany: ORIENWebsite: www.oriencancer.orgContact: amitvk@gmail.comI generate, integrate and analyze data for Personalized Cancer Care. Other interests include Zen, Karate, and Outdoors. Why are you at WORK?: Perfect setting for me to feel companionship in working remotely. The vibe is really kind and enthusiatic. I can see my productivity and focus go up in […]

Heather Kimmel 

Position/Title: OwnerCompany: Etched AccentsWebsite: www.etchedaccents.comContact: or (707) 477-1529 For the last year I have been designing and developing a new sustainable product to create aesthetically pleasing designs for privacy on windows, glass walls and doors for homes or offices that lets the light in!  I entered an International Innovators Contest and made it to the top […]