Pinned: HAPPY HOUR! – Every Friday @ 4:00 PM – VIA ZOOM

HAPPY HOUR! – Every Friday @ 4:00 PM – VIA ZOOM

We used to do a weekly Happy Hour in the Library, but then several of the regulars moved away and we lost momentum. But, thanks to being forced into digital technology, we’re all back! If you are feeling isolated and in need of a wild conversation, this is the place for you! BYOB. If you’ve moved […]

Pinned: Coffee Social – Tuesdays at 10 AM – NOW VIA ZOOM!

Coffee Social – Tuesdays at 10 AM – NOW VIA ZOOM!

Every Tuesday from 10-11 AM we’ve gathered at WORK.  We are loving the NEW HYBRID COFFEE SOCIAL, but the in-person part had to be cancelled this week because of smoke.  We’re not sure what next week will look like, so assume it will be online only for now, but check back on our website for […]

Pinned: Study Hall and Accountability Club (2nd & 4th Fridays)- VIA ZOOM!

Study Hall and Accountability Club (2nd  & 4th Fridays)- VIA ZOOM!

Held on the second and fourth Fridays in the WORK Downtown Library at 10 4th St. (COVID-19 UPDATE: Now held virtually on Zoom!) 1:30-2:15 PM – Make a Plan (together via Zoom)2:15-5:00 PM – Get it Done! (on your own) Do you need some help creating momentum so you can make real progress on your […]

Dale Wannen

Position/Title: Financial Advisor/PresidentCompany: Sustainvest Asset ManagementWebsite: www.sustainvest.comContact: Dale Wannen runs local investment firm Sustainvest, which focuses on sustainable and responsible investing and shareholder activism.   His work passion is to get people to realize they don’t have to invest in some big bank or oil company to get returns with their investment portfolio.  He has […]

Volkmar Kunerth

Position/Title: CEOCompany: TowerPower, Inc. and Infinimesh Inc.Website:, www.infinimesh.ioContact: kunerth@towerpower.coEntrepreneur with a passion for clean energy and Hi-Tech Why are you at WORK?: Connect with other start-up founders

Natasha Juliana

Position/Title: OwnerCompany: WORK PetalumaWebsite: natasha@workpetaluma.comI am a mother, an activist, and a business owner. My life and work and passion have been woven together into the creation of this simple coworking space – a model that at first just fulfilled my three requirements: to be good for the community, good for the planet, and […]

Daily Acts Organization – WORK community partner

Position/Title: Trathen Heckman / Executive DirectorCompany: Daily Acts OrganizationWebsite: www.dailyacts.orgContact: 789-9664, Daily Acts’ mission is to transform communities through inspired action and education that builds leadership and local self-reliance. To affect systemic change, we begin with the most accessible whole system, at home, in our gardens, with our daily actions. Daily Acts’ programs create […]

Catherine Wolf

Position/Title: Director of Customer Experience, SustainabilityCompany: AutodeskWebsite: www.autodesk.comContact: catherine.wolf@autodesk.comWhy are you at WORK?:  I’m at WORK, because I have terrible wi-fi at home, and want to avoid a 2.5 hour commute every day.