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I miss you guys.

Part of the beauty of WORK is that it’s flexible – a great place to get something started or switch up your career.  That means we attract a lot of people in transition.  It’s exciting to watch a new idea take root or a person between jobs find a new calling.

But it’s also a curse…for me, at least.  I tend to get attached.  We laugh, we brainstorm, we share setbacks and victories and in the end, we are friends.  But in this modern economy, things rarely stay the same for long.  It’s called progress, and when you’re creating a mini business incubator, like we are, progress is exactly what you’re shooting for.

Take, for example, Chris, Nancy, and Andy.  In Working Alone Together – Why People Matter I profiled their adventures at WORK.  Now Chris and Erik (who met through our Coffee Social) have grown into needing their own space for their startup, Nancy was hired by the City of Petaluma’s Economic Development division, and Andy took an in-house graphic design position at Athleta. They all try to make it in to WORK once a week, and they are all success stories for certain, but I miss them just the same.

It’s all a cycle.  Old coWORKers move to L.A. or get jobs in the city while new coWORKers arrive from Brooklyn or give up their corporate position to start freelancing (you know who you are).

To all of you who have moved on, best of luck and keep in touch.  To all of you who have just arrived, welcome!  And to all of you who are in it for the long haul, thanks for keeping me company!



(See a video interview of Chris, Nancy, Barry and Dan here.)

Written by Natasha Juliana. Edited by Linda Jay.
Natasha’s portrait by Jana Leon.  Further Fit team photo by Natasha.