Project Drawdown lists “Educating Girls” and “Women Smallholders” (providing resources, financing, and training to women smallholder farmers around the world) as two of their top 100 strategies for addressing Climate Change.

Nearly one billion women worldwide do not have bank accounts. This means they do not have access to funds for predictable life events, like sending a child to school, much less emergencies and the increasing impacts of Climate Change. coWORKer Marie Mintalucci will talk to us about this global problem and how her non-profit organization, WomenSave, will expand financial services to underserved women in developing economies and transform the lives of poor, rural women, giving them a real voice and a risk-free tool to make their financial goals a reality.

Friday, January 17th 2020 from 12-1 PM at WORK – 10 4th Street, Petaluma

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Bio: Marie Mintalucci is a Financial inclusion expert with nearly 15 years of experience expanding services in underserved areas of Africa.