The Climate Crisis, in part, results from the deficient economic model we have been relying on since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. There is a gap that results in what we now call “externalities.” Externalities occur in an economy when the production or consumption of a specific good or service impacts a third party that is not directly related to the production or consumption of that good or service. Pollution is the easiest example.

Economists are beginning to experiment with alternative solutions that attempt to capture the externalities and create a more holistic economy. Global 4C – Complementary Currencies for Climate Change – has been researching market-based environmental mitigation policies since 2013.

This talk attempts to explain, from a business point of view, how we got where we are and how Global 4C attempts to rectify this.

It’s a complicated topic, but it’s worth exploring!

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Bio: Gerry Glaser is a recent transplant to Sebastopol from Silicon Valley. He has been a Planning Commissioner in Sebastopol for the past 3 years. In Sunnyvale, he was Sustainability Commissioner and Chair of the Horizon 2035 committee that authored Sunnyvale’s Climate Action Plan, and updated the city’s land use and transportation elements to support it. Gerry trained as a physicist and architect, but in his last full time position, he tested, repaired, and assembled electric trucks and buses.