Did you know:

  • About 25 percent of total new power plant capacity installed in 2017 came from solar.
  • Total installed U.S. solar capacity is over 50 gigawatts – the equivalent generating capacity of 50 commercial nuclear reactors!
  • Currently, solar PV installer is the fastest-growing job in the nation.

Join us as industry experts and WORK members Rick Whisman and Fred Vaske give us the lowdown on this exciting transition to clean energy, a key component of our global climate action plan.


12-1 PM on Friday 5/4 at WORK Petaluma (10 4th St)

Our monthly Climate Chat is free to everyone.


Rick Whisman entered the electric vehicle industry in 1994, at a very early stage. From that experience, he learned a lot about the relationship between markets and technology, and about challenges and solutions. Continuing into the telecom and internet services industry, he was amazed by the extraordinary impact of technological innovation, and how companies recognize and embrace products that truly enhance their business. Over the next 14 years in commercial solar, his customers taught him to fully appreciate their objectives and propose solutions whose benefits are quantifiable and sustaining. He is now the VP of Energy Solutions for OnSwitch.

Fred Vaske has lived in Petaluma for over 20 years and first came to WORK in 2016. He has been financing assets most of his career, starting with aircraft, railcars and other big-ticket toys and then switching over to solar finance beginning in 2007. To date he’s placed over $2.5 billion into utility and commercial solar PV plants in the U.S., Canada and Japan and has been a leader in working with developers to establish the necessary commercial structures to make new technologies bankable. Fred is currently the CFO for OnSwitch.