Someone suggested we do daytime documentary screenings, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to watch this powerful one-hour video of Dr David Suzuki. Interviewed by Australian entrepreneur and business strategist Kerwin Rae, Suzuki talks about climate change and the need to move beyond business as usual. The environmentalist, activist, professor of genetics and science broadcaster hits us with some hard truths about what our future will look like if we continue to live the way we have been.

  • What will life be like for our children and grandchildren?
  • Can the damage we’ve done to the planet be reversed?
  • Is extinction of the human race imminent?

This video was a tipping point for me. First, I really admire and respect Dr David Suzuki. Second, he does a fantastic job of explaining things. Third, he doesn’t hold back. And for all of us business people out there, this discussion is EXTREMELY important. This is not a feel good video but it is worth every minute. Be prepared to be shaken enough to be forced to take action.

12:00-1:00 video
1:00-1:30 discussion

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Bio: David Suzuki is a Canadian academic, science broadcaster and environmental activist. Suzuki earned a Ph.D. in zoology from the University of Chicago in 1961, and was a professor in the genetics department at the University of British Columbia from 1963 until his retirement in 2001. Since the mid-1970s, Suzuki has been known for his television and radio series, documentaries and books about nature and the environment. He is best known as host of the popular and long-running CBC Television science program The Nature of Things, seen in over 40 countries. He is also well known for criticizing governments for their lack of action to protect the environment. Suzuki co-founded the David Suzuki Foundation in 1990, to work “to find ways for society to live in balance with the natural world that does sustain us”