By Lisa Hirsch Cordeiro

Today I had the pleasure of enjoying coffee and socializing with WORK Petaluma members. As a facilitator of a Music/Art technique, I use their conference room package. My personal favorite room is the library. It has such charm and offers plenty of elbow room for an experiential group.

Not being a steady day user at WORK I was open towards attending this “coffee social” and finally meeting some of the coWORKers who I suspected were very interesting folk…perhaps even like- minded? Even before introductions, hot topics were on the table lead by a fascinating author and mother. Everyone introduced themselves, and spoke openly of his or her work and what brought them to a shared workspace environment. The conversation flowed in many directions. One that comes to mind…..and is family friendly, was how the internet, social sites specifically, overload users with too much information. Is this a truly efficient business practice in the long run? We tossed around different ways excessive efficiency might lead to loss of meaning in our work. We were clearly united in seeing a difference in personal productivity since giving up on the “working from home” idea. In addition, the coffee socialites seem to share their passion for his or her work and described many creative projects on the horizon. The air was swirling with creative energy and enthusiasm. Connections were made. Natasha and Matt really encourage these exchanges by hosting informative and social events at WORK. I look forward to more.

Lisa Hirsch Cordeiro holds a doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology with a Forenisc/Legal focus. She is a seasoned clinician and fierce advocate. Contact Dr. Hirsch Cordeiro at or visit her website at