Incredible Zimbabwean master musician “Samaita” Botsa creates gorgeous waves of sound with his mbira to connect the living with the ancestors. He says, “I’m just the car, it’s the spirits that are doing the driving, making the music.” Samaita is visiting here from his village in Zimbabwe on his first US tour with Erica Azim – don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear the sacred music played in Zimbabwe for over 1,000 years!


$15-$30 sliding scale.  Proceeds go to both the musician and the non-profit MBIRA.  They are also fundraising to buy mbiras for the village school the musician’s kids go to, where they want him to teach mbira.

Doors open at 6:30 and concert starts at 7:00.  Music lovers of all ages welcome!  Refreshments included.

This concert is brought to us by our dear friend and master musician, Erica Azim, founder of MBIRA, a non-profit organization that celebrates and helps to sustain the ancient musical traditions of Zimbabwe.  MBIRA supports Zimbabwean musicians and instrument makers, and their families, through worldwide Zimbabwean music education, recordings, and performances.  In a country with around 90% unemployment, this provides critical support in the daily struggle for survival. MBIRA has also created the largest archive of Shona mbira music in the world, which is a permanent resource for generations to come.