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By Maggie Hohle – www.maggietext.con

B Line Schools, coWORKer Bryce Young’s relatively new family business, grew the way all successful businesses do; they identified a need (engaging, interactive, convenient online training programs) and created the solution (online traffic school, online security training certification programs). Young’s dad and he started with the traffic school model, with extra input from an uncle who’s a retired CHP officer, and expanded to security training programs with the help of a friend who’s a security training instructor.

Making great instruction available throughout California, whose standards are higher than most other states’, became a mission and a moneymaker. With 20% annual growth in the security industry, that business is thriving, and, thanks to a change in regulations whereby the DMV allows traffic schools to buy their curriculum rather than create it from scratch, B line is poised to take advantage. By the end of the summer, Young’s company will have expanded into a huge network of traffic schools. Smart move.

Young, who came from San Diego to Petaluma with his wife last August, loves WORK, where “the good energy helps me focus more.”