By Maggie Hohle  –

Vanessa Bauch isn’t just a successful freelance advertising copywriter who writes copy for online ads, websites, print ads, packaging, collateral and ephemera for clients of all sizes [Red Lobster, Yahoo, NetShelter on the big side, local companies and individual consultants on the smaller side], she’s an innovator who knew the benefits of a co-working space long before she joined WORK as a member. “I actually started a co-working space,” she says, but the timing was really bad (February 2007) and, unfortunately, she says, “I spent more time doing work for the space than for me.”

“Antsy to get out some of the time,” is how she describes her motivation to join WORK Petaluma, and “a little more than a cup of tea” is how she describes the expense of having a workspace with others. “The commonality at WORK is ‘how’ you work, rather than what you work on, and that resonates.” Bauch’s work is not clever, but intelligent; not trendy, but hyper-current. She has a BS from University of WI-Madison in Journalism and Advertising. Her work deserves its kudos like the 2010 Award for Outstanding Rich Media Online Advertising [Yahoo! Green Up Your Home]. She’s been working freelance since 2005, although she’s definitely done time in corporate America, working for bigshots Ogilvy and Yahoo! long enough to know that working for herself is better for her health and welfare. At WORK, Bausch finds it rewarding to absorb the extremely varied “circumstantial knowledge”, especially at the Tuesday Coffee Break (10 am, weekly). “What you’re learning isn’t necessarily focused on you. You’re learning about other things.” The familiarity is pleasing too. “And it’s more comfortable here than in a coffee shop. You’re not sitting next to a mom with three kids who are crumbling scones over your laptop. That’s fun, but it’s not predictable.”

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