funny posture sz

Want to feel better?  Try a good cathartic laugh.  Coffee social usually makes me smile but today was particularly funny- and after a frazzled morning, it was just what I needed.

This is one of the big benefits of coworking in my book.  If you’re working independently and holed up in a private office it’s hard to sneak in a daily dose of humor. In fact, it’s pretty hard to make yourself laugh all on your own.  It’s one of those weird social phenomena.  Maybe you can eke out a little chuckle when you catch yourself doing something silly but a full-on belly laugh with tears in the eyes rarely comes without company.  Perhaps that’s why laugh tracks are so popular?

So what was so funny, you ask?  Honestly, I can’t quite remember- something about bad posture being good for you (imagine us all slouching down in our chairs to test the theory) and ergonomic experts that dial in your seating so perfectly you hardly have to move a muscle (which is really bad for twitchy people, like Jeffrey, who need to move around).

Which led us to our latest WORK invention: Model A- the chair that shocks you if you sit still too long or Model B- the chair that runs away from you forcing you to get up and walk around as you search for it.  Which led to our new tag line: WORK Paranoid.  This probably isn’t at all funny in written form, but in person it was hilarious!

So in case you haven’t had your daily dose of humor or you just want to add a little extra oomph to your day, Julie found this perfect Onion news flash on the latest desk craze.  Seriously funny!  (And coming soon to WORK Petaluma!)

Written and photographed by Natasha Juliana. Want to join the fun? Stop by for Coffee Social every Tuesday at ten.