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Are you an ‘Epicurean Brand Champion’ or a ‘Media Messagician’?  Is your goal to ‘live well, do good, use less’ or ‘build your peace’?  We’ve talked before about your story, now we wonder, what’s your brand?

How you define yourself says a lot about who you are and who you want to be.  WORK attracts creative, curious people often in the midst of transformation and as we round the table at Coffee Social every week it’s interesting to watch as we adjust, refine, and sometimes reinvent our own self-description, trying on various elevator pitches to see how they fit.

Most of us have more than one definition, too.  When you have thirty seconds to explain yourself, or 7 square inches to illustrate your expertise you have to distill your whole life down to a few essential thoughts.  Scott Black could have title himself a ‘Brand Manager’ but instead carefully chose his words to impart a more specific niche with ‘Epicurean Brand Champion’. On the back of his card is his teeny tiny elevator pitch- a non-descript bottle (is it wine, is it olive oil?) with the inscription ‘cultivating authentic brand strategies for sustainable growth and consumer loyalty’.  Now we know even more about who he is.  But I bet you couldn’t guess that he also has two dogs he has trained to compete in agility courses!

Vince Beeton puts it all out there labeling himself in both traditional and unexpected ways – ‘Brand Visualizer, TV Director/Cameraman, Creative Juicer, Media Messagician.’ Don’t want to mix all your talents in one pot?  Borrow Barry’s idea and create a whole series of personas.  He wants his to be super heroes- Database Man, Captain IOS, 3D Printer Ghost, and The Silver Sailor to the rescue!  Collect all four!  Now that’s a way to get your business cards circulating.

Written and photographed by Natasha Juliana. Curious about WORK?  Sign up for a free trial!