looma on the table sz

What is reality?  Perhaps it’s the world a majority of humans can agree on based upon our species’ sensory abilities and limitations…fragrant red roses, hard stone, wet water, these words.  Perhaps ‘reality’ should also include the things we’ve discovered but cannot perceive with our own sense…radio waves, atoms, photosynthesis, scents only a hound can smell.  But what of all the things yet to be discovered or never to be discovered?  Are they real?

What if we could make the invisible visible?  Our WORKer-in-Residence Program is in the midst of helping Jeffrey Ventrella do just that.  To demonstrate this potential, a few chosen Loomas made a surprise visit to our coffee social last week. They’re thought to be the predecessor of the Petaluma chicken.  Technically, they live in augmented reality, a fascinating fusion of the ‘real’ world and a digitally created world.  It is this exploration of the world seen and unseen that makes this technology magical and the possibilities virtually endless.

The idea behind the Looma is also a fusion.  Mix together bits of technology, art, education, and community and you end up with a whole lot of fun.  Throw in an assortment of coWORKers including programmers, artists, writers, eco-enthusiasts, serial entrepreneurs, and a third generation Petaluman and you get an enthusiastic team capable of creating something with tremendous depth.

Last Tuesday a very rough prototype was passed around for coWORKers to test, explore, enjoy as the search for the mysterious Loomas began.  With an old iPod Touch acting as the ‘Loomascope’ and ten Loomas hidden around WORK we all took a turn and discovered this little treasure hunt is pretty tricky without a few hints.  The potential, however, is obvious to all.

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Written by Natasha Juliana – Curious about working at WORK?  Try it for free…  Curious about Coffee Social?  Join us Tuesdays at 10 AM.