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Why does this crowd gather around the table once a week to chit chat in the middle of a Tuesday morning?  Being graced by the company of John Crowly (of Aqus Café and Aqus Community fame) the conversation naturally meandered into social capital territory.  As this digital age completely engulfs us, many are left longing for good old-fashioned companionship.  Aqus and WORK both seek to cultivate these ‘meatspace’ connections.

Meaningful, long-lasting relationships don’t happen overnight.  They take time.  In a world of increasing speed that can transmit a letter around the world, deliver a book to your iPad, process a photo, and spit out a cup of coffee all in a matter of seconds our brains are being trained to expect instant gratification.  But, as coWORKer and musician Darin Wilson points out, some things still just require time- probably about the same amount of time they always have- like learning to play the piano well or cooking a delicious turkey… or raising children.

So what does this mean for our children?  We all know about the 10,000 hours theory.  Will our kids be willing to put ten thousand hours into any one thing?  Will this seem absurd?  Hopefully, we all will learn to appreciate the difference between various aspects of our lives and the beauty of both the fast and the slow.  Personally, I’m hoping my high speed internet and fast cycle dishwasher will free me up to enjoy slow food with life-long friends.

Written by Natasha Juliana, owner of WORK. Curious about working at WORK?  Try it for free… http://workpetaluma.com/free-trial/ Curious about Coffee Social?  Join us Tuesdays at 10 AM.