trevor's car sz

“Trevor!” we exclaim as a bright face walked into WORK last Tuesday.  It’s been months since we’ve seen him, so it’s a happy surprise.  Over the past year or so, Trevor has been popping by for Coffee Social to join the conversation, and update us on his triumphs and setbacks as he pursues his passion for water quality, developing his AquaGrade app. It’s not an easy road, and he’s had good days and bad.  Little triumphs, like creating his web video on a seriously microscopic budget (we were all in awe).  Little setbacks, like being dirt broke.  And big adventures, like traveling across the country – of course, testing water all the way.

Today he’s feeling good and has us all laughing way too hard.  Do you know how much 5,000 business cards weigh?  Trevor does now.  He thought he’d be clever and have them delivered to his mom’s house back East while he was traveling around that coast with friends.  Bad idea, when you’re trying to travel light!  Now, after selling garden sticks at the Heirloom Festival (he actually sold none… but he did sell 19 filter straws!), he landed a job that’s taking him to L.A.- his first reliable monthly paycheck in…well, actually, ever.  He even has an apartment lined up (Look, Ma- no roommates!), with a garage door to let all of his friends in at once (no lines to get into this party!).

His tiny car packed to the gills with all of his worldly possessions, Trevor waited till Tuesday to head out of town so he could hit one last Coffee Social at WORK before moving south.  We’re honored.  Bon Voyage, Trevor!  Best of luck and keep in touch.

Written by Natasha Juliana. Edited by Linda Jay.  Curious about working at WORK?  Try it for free…  Curious about Coffee Social?  Join us Tuesdays at 10 AM.