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Have you tried to get more clients and customers through online marketing but have been unsuccessful so far? Chances are, you have been doing too many things and, therefore, not doing them well!  The secret is to do fewer things better and stay laser-focused on attracting more clients and customers.

In this two-part program Stormy Knight will help you create a realistic Strategic Roadmap for your business based on your unique resources, market and goals.

PART ONE (The Lecture):

• Online Marketing Basics: Simple secrets for persuading your website visitors to take action.

• Creating Customers: Identifying the actions you want new website visitors to take AKA “conversions”.

• Win At Search Engine Optimization: So you can be found whenever anyone in your market looks for your goods or services.

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SERIES: This is part one of a two-part series. 5/1/17 – Part One – The Lecture – will cover the broad concepts of online marketing so that you can understand where your business fits into the big picture of buyer behavior online. There will be no hands-on aspect in this class – but feel free to ask questions and take notes. 5/15/17 – Part Two – The Lab – will be very hands-on, so we recommend your bring a laptop and/or a tablet to be able to review your site and other resources presented in class. 

You are welcome to take the first class on it’s own without the 2nd class, but we require the first class for attendance in the 2nd class. Both classes will include handouts and resources to help you implement what you have learned when you have completed both classes.

Even if you don’t end up doing all these tasks yourself, you will know what to plan to do and will be a better buyer of online marketing services from companies that offer these services..

BIO: Stormy Knight began Net101.com in 1995 as a training company for small businesses and individuals interested in getting “up to speed” on using the internet, Net101.com soon branched out into web design and hosting. In 1997 she started bargaintravel.com and in 2000 began to work full-time on ranking BargainTravel well in the highly competitive travel sector. As BargainTravel grew, she continued to work for a short list of clients from that time to the present, assisting them in their websites and online marketing. In 2011, she sold BargainTravel to return to consulting, adding marketing technology opportunities for small business to her consulting and training practice.