As entrepreneurs, start ups, and small businesses, we are in love with how our products and/or services can help others. As we should be. For the short term, people buy for solving a problem, but most recurring sales are based on clients and customers identifying with our brand as it relates to our “story.” Storytelling is as old as mankind itself, but not everyone understands its power in business.

So…What’s your story? How and why should you tell it?

In this course you will learn:

  • Why having an authentic “storytelling lore” is critical to the soul of your business.
  • Why storytelling moves you from problem solving to loyalty with clients.
  • How others have used storytelling successfully in business.
  • How you can begin to effectively tell your story.

FREE for WORK members (including Friends of WORK!) and $10 at-the-door for Non-WORK Members. Help us keep the lights on and great programs coming your way!P

Noon-1 PM in the WORK Library. Feel free to bring a bag lunch.

Bio: Lisa Johnson aka Corporate Cowgirl, believes successful Human Resources (HR) is grounded in behavioral psychology and also the art of influence and constructive confrontation. But more importantly, it is rooted in the ability to tell a well timed and crafted story, the ability to inspire corporate leadership to value humanity based profit growth, and to create opportunities for gratitude and inspiration in the workplace. She also believes some of the best HR and business leaders are rebels and rule breakers. Risk takers and social mavericks. In a word or two, cowboys and cowgirls. This is why she left her Vice President of HR position, and applied her over 18 years of experience to establish her own business as Corporate Cowgirl. Lisa has worked in staffing, education, PEO, and technology organizations with nationally regarded companies as clients, as well as start ups, where she successfully provided creative and impactful HR strategies and services. As Corporate Cowgirl she is a valued HR consultant service provider, employment educator, and speaker who often uses comparisons to her horse training knowledge and humor, to train and entertain businesses and their staff.