DSC_0108 copyOf course it does!  Uncover your own unique thinking that is holding you back. In this presentation you will:

• See a clearer picture of the perspectives you currently have that are limited

• Receive tools you can use to break out of these limitations

• Gain knowledge of what it takes to make better choices and thereby improve the quality of your life

• Find the correlation between your “thoughts” and your results

• Experience how those thoughts impact your actions

Come prepared to challenge how you think about things; after all “to get what we never got, we have to think like we never thought!”

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Bio- Betty Jo Waxman is Senior Trainer with Productive Learning & Leisure, a unique Personal Growth company that has been helping clients to develop their innate ability to create and live the life they really want for the past 21 years. http://www.productivelearning.com/